About Us

Where it all began... I have always had a passion for crafting and creating! Having 2 girls of my own, gave me my direction!

Having 2 girls, I faced learning how to make hair bows for them because I could not afford to put bows in both their hair to match every single outfit. It took me 7 days, several hours a day, to learn to tie one style of bow. Since I had supplies left over from making my girls’ bows, I decided to make extra to sell in a local kids consignment shop. It was just doing it as a hobby using the extra I had on hand.

One day a friend approached me. She wanted to know if I could make a couple of custom bows to match outfits she was making for a customer. I said “sure” and from there it’s history. I started to make bows to match every outfit she made! She included me, pushed me to try new things, and encouraged me to grow! Thanks to my friends, my items are now in several stores across the state, and I also have my online sites as well. I am now known locally and have a place my customers can come shop online as well!